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This album is more specified in Lensbaby.

My first lensbaby was the 3G, it was nice but much too difficult to focus right for me without tripod. and since I do not have my tripod with me all the time, I sold it and bought the Composer version now.

I'm very pleased with it. I have several optics and do also have the Wide angle/Telephoto kit which is very useful when I only have the lensbaby with me.
The macro kit is also a must when you like to photograph very close to flowers or other elements. You can stack them together or use them separately. I have used it in all it's possibilities ;-)

Look at my "Macro and Close ups" album to see more of my macroshots.

It's light, sharp and to carry around without having too much weight.

You can find out more here : http:/​/​www.​lensbaby.​com/