Damona Art is a Belgian Artist/Photographer who's totally into Retro and Pinup. I'm photographing Pinup models since late 2010 and have grown to someone with my own style and vision. 
When i was younger and just finished school, i even started working in a Kodak Factory to be close to the development of Films. To see the photo come to life, it’s like ‘Magic'. That magic i'm still using today in modern Photoshop which used to be the dark room in Analog age. it’s all about how the mind sees it.
One day a model approached me asking to take some Boudoir photos, since then the love for anything Pin Up related did not leave my mind anymore.
I only work in themes and guide the models through the shoot. My inspiration for Pinup and Glamour comes from style icons such as Dita Von Teese, Bernie Dexter, Gil Elvgren, Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page and even from watching some old movies, My Muse seems to be with me most of the time. 
I often find myself finding inspiration from the smallest and simplest things. I would not necessarily describe myself as a 'professional' Pinup photographer, but rather as someone who is professional in my approach, and passionate about what i do,
Regardless of whether i'm having a bad day or not. I make my plans, set my goals, and work towards achieving them, and that is what i think 'professionalism' in one's work is all about. 
A piece of paper does not make a person a professional; especially if they do not act in a professional manner. Having fun, love and respect really means a lot to me, and i like to incorporate those qualities into my work, and with the models i work with. 
Anything is possible with the right mind-set, and a lot of hard work. Damona is a very positive thinking woman and someone who is always happy and laughing :). 
Sometimes people think i’m a little crazy...well maybe i am a little...I thinks it's great to have the opportunity to use this positive energy within my shoots, which always makes the shoots successful and fun and just the way i imagined it. 
i'm Always trying to stretch my limits with new techniques, scenes and looks to achieve the best quality in my photos and therefore to be unique in my way, served to you only with the best care. 
Life is only what you make of it. 
regularly get featured on Covers of magazines such as Secret magazine, Pinups & Kustoms, The vicious Bettys, Drive-in magazine, Vintage Life Mag, Perspective Fashion Magazine, American Classic, Burlesque bible and many more....
Even Retro Lovely magazine "One of America's BEST and BIGGEST Pin Up/Retro magazines" has published photos of mine in issues 5, 6, 10 and 11. + 6 pages in Retro Lovely Taboo Edition nr 6 and the Cover of their 1th international edition!
See more here : www.damona-art.com/press

You will find a variety of albums here, as i experiment a lot with Lensbaby, Macro, but also shooting some landscapes, Events, Abandoned Places etc.....which are also a part of my life. 
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Many people have left a comment here at my website or wrote something in the guestbook, so i want to thank them all for the very nice comments! Don't hesitate to come and take a look when you want to see some new works. 
Thank you for your visit!