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Created 8-Oct-11
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Back to the 50's!

This is another set with the lovely and sweet Parisienne model Miss Liz. She comes straight from the 50's, so it was not hard to pretend like we were in the 50's hehe :-)
The photos with the male model is actually her husband who also posed as Clyde for me in the Bonnie and Clyde set here too.
Enjoy this timeless set.

Credits :

Photography and editing : Damona-Art
Starring Miss Liz Chérie : ​www.​misslizcherie.​com
Male model : Ludo Voodoo
CARS : Buick eight from 1951, Oldsmobile Rocket 88 and Red Cadilllac 1965 with many thanks to Nostalgic cars www.​nostalgic-​cars.​be
Pink flower by http:/​/​www.​etsy.​com/​shop/​SophisticatedFlowers

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