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Deep into the woods

This Car cemetery deep into the woods of the deepest ardennes is well hidden. It's a real graveyard of beautiful and rusted cars from the 50's and 60's. Walking and climbing next to the cars has a strange feeling. a feeling that once someone drove these cars who where once shiny and the proudness of young men and perhaps women.
In fact most of these abandoned cars are from former soldiers located by a nearby but vanished military base. After the second world war the returning soldiers must have left these cars with the local people. After some time the cars where dumped into the woods......the result of this action you can see on these photos.

It's a shame to see that most of the logos and dashboards are stolen from the cars. I also believe that people do use these parts for reparing there own oldtimers. some parts and materials don't excist anymore. It's certainly not a reason to hurt these precious beauties. Once they where glorious and deserve to be left alone so they can go piecefully and preserve there memories.......

Take only photographs, don't touch anything, leave nothing but footprints

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