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Castle build in 1449
Abandoned in 1992

The history of the castle starts in the early 11th century. The first building was a donjon. The donjon is fully Roman and was built to rule and protect four strategic ancient Roman roads. The tower served as a prison; there are still iron rings in the basement today. In 1449 a chapel was added to the donjon, and later more buildings formed the castle as it is today.

The tower is very rare. It consists of dozens of metal tubes through which the sparrows fly in and out. But they will never fly out. Instead, they'll end up on the master’s plate.

In the 19th century the donjon was used as an inn for the farmers who came to pay their lease.
During the First World War the Germans, who destroyed and stole a great deal of treasures and artwork, occupied the castle.

Besides the castle, the stables, a house for the priest there is also a swimming pool, a tennis field and a huge park.
In 1992 the last owner left the castle. It has been sold by a real-estate company. Plans for renovation are made, but the castle is getting worser every year.

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