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Created 26-Oct-15
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On september 26, 2015 i have been visiting F.A.C.T.S Cosplay event for the first time. As i have been to Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands several times, i thought this would be interesting too and it was!

However this is more in Hero style, which i found really interesting and cool as well. Situated at Gent Flanders Expo made it easy to drive to it.
One thing i would like to share here, is that 1 hour after opening the doors (by 11 am), the parking areas were already full, with the result of driving around in the search to park the car for more than 1 hour! That was Hell! I visit this event regulary, so i will add all pictures of this event together. If you are interested in this event, from now on it’s twice a year and every time it’s worth the visit.

F.A.C.T.S is the largest Comic con Show in the Benelux.
Each year more than 40.000 visitors gather at F.A.C.T.S for 2 days to switch from the real world to the one of Fantasy, Comics, Action Heroes, Games, Anime and Toys. It’s for the European Fantasy Fans what King’s Landing is for Westeros.

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