Brandon E Bolhuis(non-registered)
that Burning Passion wallpaper is stunning. the choice of model was right on. :)
Pin Up Candy(non-registered)
Thank you Damoa for this experience! It was an amazing trip to your studio and I feel so lucky to have a chance working with you. I will always remember that you were the one to show me the Wisteria garden... With love, Candy
Roland Cuypers(non-registered)
Hey Rosita,

Fijne website, overzichtelijk.
Zeer knappe pin-ups, écht wel je ding.
Doe zo verder!
Groeten, Roland (indertijd op BD, zo'n 8 a 9 jaartjes geleden.
Eddie Alfaro(non-registered)
Very nice looking at your site thank you.
Glitter Paradise(non-registered)
Since our roads crossed, I have the chance to see my work magnified in all those wonderful colaborations we do together.
I can not thank u enough my dear friend, you know how much I love your work and how proud I am to be by your side. You're the best ! Much hugs xxx
These are just stunning images and some of them did made my heart skip a beat. I wanted to download some of them, but was not able to do so. Is that because I have to buy the photographs or of some other reasons?
Annelies M(non-registered)
Hi Damona,

I just wanted to say that every picture you take is a stunning beauty. I love the pin up style & that's why I came across this photography. Kind & regards from a very interested lady.
cna guy(non-registered)
This is one of the best sites that I have visited in terms of photography.
Patrick Weninger(non-registered)
Hello Damona!

I saw one of your pics at google images and i instantly felt in love :)
Your work is great! I love the pin up pics.
Mabye if you got time to look at my homepage and make a guestbook (gästebuch) entry, i would make me happy!

King regards and love,
Howdy Domana,
Beautiful and burlesque themes
Great, great Images of an extraordinary girl

Best regards
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