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Created 13-Feb-11
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For the first time I worked with a clothing designer : http:/​/​www.​loveburlesque.​com/​
The outfits are super and really stand out in the pictures, it was a pleasure to work with one of those creations! Corset, Gloves, Hat, Feathers at the back and stockings contained the whole outfit.

This serie is Burlesque influenced in the Lovely salon of "Maison Le Dragon" at brugge. Acid Doll is a sweet and lovely model who really is a part of Burlesque, she loves it and shows that in the pictures. I would almost think she's an experienced actress. Poses look really natural.

Lady: Acid Doll (BE)
Photography : Damona-Art
Outfit: Love Burlesque (NL)
Location: Maison le Dragon

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