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Military Hospital Antwerp

This huge complex housed a convent, barracks and a military hospital ... a terrific mix of styles !
Very difficult to get an overall view : part of the buildings are still occupied by the military but the majority is empty : the endless, cold resounding corridors of the hospital, the quiet and subdued convent and the barracks that somehow I'm glad i'm not a man.
Nature is reclaiming the area : a crooked, lonesome flagpole stands on what must once have been an impeccable parade ground.
Trees are growing out of the gutters.

This place may be forgotten by men but vandals and God are still around : the first smashing the chapels' windows with a football, God punishing in his own vicious way ..

I went exploring the site on the 31th of March 2007 with the people of 'Belgium Digital'.
It was a great experience and I certainly had time enough to shoot the complex.
It was the last time that people can get in, because the complex is going to be renovated into a huge complex of appartments.
The place is 8 ha and has tunnels beneath the ground who are pretty scary.

I didn't find a morgue or a kitchen, some wings are closed because of a fire that is caused by vandalism and the danger of the presence of Asbest in some of the walls.
I hope you enjoy wathing this photos and I'm glad to share them with you.
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