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As you may have noticed, i have not updated this website in a long time. That’s because my photography was on low activity due circumstances. And then Corona came. Well as we all know it is not the best time to arrange photo shootings.

So the best way to continue my photography and not loose the “touch” is shooting Nature Photography again. I must admit it soothes my soul in these times, also after the fact i have not touched my camera in 3 years.
I love spring and it has something magical about it. I hope i can continue taking photographs and maybe level up again in the next months.
Time will tell.......
In the meanwhile i enjoy everything around me.

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Prachtige fotos je bent een artiest
Stef (Patoc)(non-registered)
Mooie foto's
Ik was ook daar maar de zondag 20 Mei
Your work is fantastic, i like it.
keep going the good work,
always try to use new techniques and why not reflect different cultures in your images? for example the oriental one?
I really love all the images within this gallery. You have a great eye for good perspectives, Demona. A superb collection!!
Nancy McClure Photography
Love your work!