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Spring has arrived! And how!
It’s like everything is blooming at once. I went walking with the help of an app which uses numbers to follow, starting at Neerijse to Loonbeek (Margijsbos). This was very interesting and versatile and amazed me somehow on how beautiful nature can be at this time of the year.
The roads were very dirty and therefore gave something special to the scene, something rough and wild. Worth doing again someday. I like the fact that one can walk through a forest and become in tune with nature......soothing my soul and heart.
Oh and, i did a little experiment with zooming in the photo while using a long shutter on the camera, which turned out pretty cool, feeling like flying through time and space :)

Please do not use my photos without my permission as they are copyrighted.

Enjoy this walk with me!

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Prachtige fotos je bent een artiest
Stef (Patoc)(non-registered)
Mooie foto's
Ik was ook daar maar de zondag 20 Mei
Your work is fantastic, i like it.
keep going the good work,
always try to use new techniques and why not reflect different cultures in your images? for example the oriental one?
I really love all the images within this gallery. You have a great eye for good perspectives, Demona. A superb collection!!
Nancy McClure Photography
Love your work!