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The Diamont Palace opened in 1905 in Brussels. It was first a ‘Salle de Spectacle’ and the auditorium was located one floor up, at first floor level. The foyer and stairs have the feel of entering a grand house, with marble, mirrors and chandeliers all still intact. Seating in the auditorium was provided in stalls and balcony levels. It was a palistered and mirrored auditorium, flanked by Moorish style arches along the walls, with the proscenium flanked by trompe l'oeil paintings.
In 1913 it became a cinema and in 1923 the name was changed.
After closing (date unknown) the auditorium became a furniture repository and this was still operating in 1995 when the Cinema Theatre Association included the building on its visit to the cinemas & theatres of Brussels in September 1995. Adjacent to the building was a ‘Salon’ which was in in use by a theatre group. The cinema is now used as a community centre.
The Cinema was described as ‘a rare example of an early Belgian cinema’. There is light at the end of the tunnel, cause it's in restauration!