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Brimming with rich historical importance to the people of Belgium, the Sanatorium was built in 1937 by an insurance company named "Prévoyance Sociale". Back then, Europe was plagued with Tuberculosis and this building is to cater to people afflicted with the said disease. The Architects known as the Brunfauts designed the hospital to make it conducive for the patients. It has a terrace that allows the patients to relax breathe fresh air. In the height of its popularity, the Sanatorium is gleaming with ceramic, glass and other modern materials and design the 1930’s way. Truly, the Sanatorium back then is a sight to behold.

However, when the First World War came, the international Red Cross used this as a headquarters. It held up to 235 patients and residents who went out seeking refuge. Post world war, the Sanatorium was transformed to cater to disabled persons and those who are chronically ill. It was in 1987 that the building was shut down. More than 20 years after its closure, the Sanatorium still attracts visitors despite its dirt and grime. It is a memoir of social and humanly ills.

Taken in the early days of my photography.