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Created 3-Jan-17
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I have been doing a special shoot for the cover of Vintage Flaneur magazine Germany >> January / February issue nr 20, 2017.
Inside you can find another 16 pages filled with these photos which you can order HERE >> Vintage Flaneur.
This was a real challenge, but i had the perfect team and location. I so love working in teams and thanks to everyone who collaborated with me and for making it the perfect day.

Models are : Seraphine Strange (Black hair)
and Fay Loren (Blonde)
MUAH : Monika Gassman (DE)
Several brands worked with us like : Topvintage Boutique (NL), Johns Vintage, Mademoiselle Tambour. Fruchthaus Berlin, King Louie, Frozen Hibiscus
Fabulous Location : Judeco Belgium