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Here you can see my Publications in magazines or online features since 2011. The publications are global and go from Germany, UK, Australia, USA, south africa, Netherlands etc and contains covers, interviews and multiple spreads.

You can see more and follow up my upcoming publications at my Facebook Page

Kiss x
Delicious Dolls CoverDelicious Dolls COVERDrive In MagazineDelicious Dolls Cover November USARetro Lovely International edition CoverDelicious Dolls October 2015Perfectly Pinup July 2015Delicious Dolls Tattoo issue August 2015Perfectly Pinup, June 2015Perspective Fashion June 2015Pinups & Kustoms USA June 2015Perspective Fashion May 2015Queen of Hearts Australia PinupPink Bow City March 2015Retro Lovely Christmas SpecialRetro Lovely Christmas Special CoverRetro Lovely International editionRetro Lovely International editionDelicious Dolls November usa