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Created 11-Sep-07
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Trees are like people, some trees don't get along and some trees do very much.
The look of the Forest is never the same.
Trees can trick you too :-)
This is a collection which I find are worthy to put on the net and to be showed to the world instead of rotten away on my computer.

The most beautiful time of the year to take pictures of the forest is Autumn.
Then you certainly find me there.......
RougeFarantirLitharniaFalorioPepoliaMareliaHeaven's LightThe road to heavenMaleoFollow the pathHeaven on earthNarayanaAll Hallows DayThe JourneyTha magic of Light

Guestbook for The secret Life of Trees
I have been watching your website since 5 in the evening...Now, it's 10.
Shocking ! but true...Really amazing photography!!
My first thought after watching all these is to become a photographer like u.. Let's hope for it !!
I'm from India.
bob brookfield images(non-registered)
What a totally beautiful set of images. You are an excellent photographer!
Rosita, this is an incredible collection!! What a delight that you have chosen to put it out here for the world to enjoy all the splendour you have captured here!!
You can always define who is artist, who is not. This is a master.
Magically beautiful! Seems like not only you can see that hidden secrets of trees, but also the trees trust you enough to uncover their beauty in front of your lens :)
Simply great album!
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