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Created 21-Jan-15
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"Snow White’s Christmas Carol"

Animal themed Christmasshoot with a model that has not been in front of my lens before.
We just Love this Flamingo purse and the Cute “Pigs Can Fly” Brooch from Erstwilder and thought this would be the perfect match along my pink Christmastime :)

Model : Lara D
Photo and hair >> Facebook : Damona-Art
Black Carousel Studios
MUA : Cyan mua
Candy Cane hat : Jazzafine
Blue glitter earrings from Glitter Paradise
Pigs can Fly brooch from Erstwilder
Dress : Unique Vintage
Champagne : Babycham (Vintage)
Cookies + Mince Pies : Stone Manor
Cute gift box from Sophisticated Lady

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