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Created 29-May-12
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Villa wallfahrt

This place has a history, like most of these places do. As far as I know this Villa has been build by a Priest in 1897 and also weares the name 'Villa Das' and 'Manoir de la Chapelle'. It has a lot of religious statues and a huge Maria statue without hands in the chapel which is still there!
According to the Sister of the monastery next to the Villa, the previous owner has been taken into the hospital and died there. His son inherited the house, but doesn't want to sell it cause of the divorce with his wife which would get half of the yield. Therefore it's in decay with all furniture inside waiting to be accepted by someone who wants to renovate it and give it a new life. It's in this condition for years now.

Unfortunately every week it seems furniture has been moved, which I do regret. Also statues are missing or replaced. Making scenes like in a movie are over the top. I don't agree with people who are doing this and I believe these people have no respect for these kind of places, which are better left alone as they are.
Leave nothing but footprints, don't touch anything and certainly don't take anything outside the house. These are some basic rules to be respected! Just wanted to say this......